Performance Coaching
for Leaders and Safety Professionals

with Zach Murphy

Our Leadership Coaching is underpinned by two specific themes – behavioural science and performance psychology.

Ever wondered how elite performers and their organisations achieve sustainable excellence? They’ve probably worked with a great coach over many years.

Most people we coach have gone through one of our online or blended programs, either Behavioural Science for Leadership in Safety or Performance Psychology for Safety and Health Professionals.

After the training, some delegates come back to us for one-to-one coaching because something within the program has triggered areas where they want to delve deeper.

Our tailored Safety Leadership coaching program helps them to become better leaders, managers and health and safety professionals. 

Who's the program for?

It’s for senior executives, leaders, managers and safety, health and wellbeing professionals at all levels of an organisation. Sometimes we coach people who haven’t completed our IOSH certificated programs – and that’s fine with us too.

Price per session £175

Scheduled at a time to suit you

About the program

Our Leadership Coaching is underpinned by two specific themes – behavioural science and performance psychology

We’re flexible when it comes to coaching. So, if you’d prefer your focused sessions to take place every fortnight or once a month, that works for us too. If you’d like to book one or two coaching sessions with us, to see if it’s for you – simply book these online.

Darren’s Perspective 

I know from personal experience that Zach Murphy is one of the most insightful and knowledgeable coaches that I’ve had the privilege to work with. 
As one very experienced leader of a global safety team once stated to me:
“He sees things that I wish I’d have noticed decades ago, it’s like I want Zach in the room with us on all our important meetings.”
We’re delighted to be offering our new Performance Coaching program to our existing clientbase, past delegates of our popular IOSH Certificated Behavioural Science and Performance Psychology Courses and their colleagues.
If you can think of an elite performer in sport, music or in business you can be sure that they’ve had close support along their pathway to excellence from a great coach. We want to give that same opportunity to the wonderful people that we’ve worked with in the last few years.
If you’re looking for a new way to help you become the very best you can be, we invite you or your team to book a coaching session with Zach
  • One-to-one tailored coaching
  • Twelve-week program
  •  Focused sessions – one hour a week
  •  Delivered over Teams or Zoom
  • Book your sessions online at a time to suit you
  • Start putting your coaching immediately into practice
  • Week on week accountability to help you achieve your personal and professional goals

Executive Leaders

Pleased with where you are now and Want to be Even Better?

These are leaders who are already great – but they want to become even better still. They’ve already made the decision they want to take greater care of their people – and themselves.

They recognise how this translates into performance, how it sets them apart from others and the positive impact this has across their organi- sation. These leaders have a firm focus on what they want but need some direction to help them get there.

Safety and Health Professionals

These individuals and their teams are passionate about what they do

 They would welcome coaching to help them develop their skills to do an even better job. Perhaps they want to become a more persuasive influencer when they engage with their team, or leadership team.

Or maybe they want to manage their negative self-talk to improve their decision making and performance. Perhaps there’s an area of personal development that’s been troubling them for a while and they would welcome this opportunity to overcome it.

Future Leaders

These are the future leaders you’ve identified within your organisation

Succession Planning – you want to further develop their talent to make sure they thrive in their new safety leadership role.

Coaching supports these transitions, empowering them to make decisions that are consistent with the organisations existing cul- ture, leading to better outcomes and retention.

Performance Recovery

Is there someone in your team who is underperforming?

Is their underperformance uncharacteristic or a consistent challenge?

You want to keep them on – but having explored and failed with other development approaches, one-to-one coaching is the last throw of the dice.

We’ll get to the bottom of why they’re performing in a particular way, help them to recover their performance and to make better choices in the moment.

Your Coach – Zach Murphy

How Elite Performance Coaches Inspire Excellence

This Coaching program has been developed by Zach Murphy. He holds an MSc in Performance Psychology and is a Coach and performance psychologist consultant for teams and executives all over the world. He’s also worked with some of the top talent of the acting and sports world.

Most of his life, he’s been involved in performance, both in sport and performing arts. His experience in Special Operations and continued participation in sports, such as tennis and ultra-marathons, has honed his performance mindset. His approach stems from a deep interest and passion for leadership development.

His other areas of interest include self-care, talent development, self-leadership theories, vulnerability, and emotional intelligence.

His applied experience has been in venture capital, founding non-profit leadership development, health and wellness and holistic health, and online training development for mental skills.