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BSST Ltd was created by Darren in 2010 with a realisation that safety should be much more than just compliance.

We believe that performance excellence in safety, is driven by effective leadership and by creating a culture of care, rather than mere compliance. We enjoy working with leaders and their organisations who are already great – and have a desire to become even better in the future.

Any organisation is only as good as its people. We’re here to help you create the environment for them to excel, engage and inspire others to become the very best they can be.

Darren Sutton

Darren Sutton is a Performance Psychologist and is passionate about helping leaders and their organisations become the very best that they can be. He has held a variety of leadership roles in some of the most challenging environments in the world.

Hobbies include travel, ocean swimming and live music.

His style is described as engaging, personal, interactive and thought provoking which encourages engagement and innovation. 

He is also the only safety professional in the world has significant operational leadership experience and an MSc in performance psychology. 

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Linda Barrett

Linda is a founder member and director of BSST with Darren, she develops meaningful relationships with our long-term partners. She supports and guides learners through our programs from the outset and through to successful completion.

Linda makes sure everything runs smoothly for our delegates and is also an experienced and thought-provoking facilitator. She delivers programs to the workforce at the operational level.

She shares Darren’s passion for travel, live music and ocean swimming.

Tracey Wright

Tracey has been a huge part in our rebranding, marketing and business growth strategy initially from 2018 and then again from September 2020. Tracey listens to the training and development needs of our key partners and finds the most effective way of delivering our training throughout the larger organisations that we work closely with.

A former senior leader in product development and marketing within IOSH, she understands exactly how we work and why those methods can be of wider benefit to our Corporate Partners.

You are likely to meet Tracey on an initial call to discuss your requirements and as a key speaker or host on an internal conference that we might conduct with you.

Dr Anne Macdonald

Anne Macdonald is a people enthusiast and professional!

An ICF accredited coach since 2012, Anne coaches senior leaders in purpose-driven businesses, sporting institutions, and the education sector. She also trains line managers in the skill of having a coaching conversation and believes this is the gateway to motivated and autonomous employees.  

After enjoying a 14-year international career with Decathlon (starting as a student intern, holding shop-floor operational roles and finishing as UK HR Director), Anne decided it was time to focus more specifically on her passion: helping people flourish.   

Anne now holds a PhD in mindfulness-based approaches for workplace performance, and an MSc in Performance Psychology. Together with her extensive training in mindfulness-based stress reduction, she interweaves what she has learnt into her work both as a coach and as a consultant. She has a keen interest in the application of mindfulness-based approaches to safety performance.    

Anne loves outdoor sports, adventure, and exploration. Whilst rooted to her family in the Hebrides and Edinburgh, she also loves spending time on the west coast of France. You will note all these locations are close to the sea!

Petra Van Dieren

Petra van Dieren is a Health and Safety professional with degrees in Chemical Engineering, Occupational Health and Psychology

She is passionate about leadership and believes we can increase our safety, health and wellbeing when we really “get to know ourselves” so we can lead our lives from the inside out. Leading our lives from inspiration, so we can all show up in our full potential to create a better world together as individuals, as teams and as organizations.

She has more than 20 years of field experience working in multinationals and is an expert in Health and Safety Leadership; delivering key notes, design and managing of training programs, delivering excellent interactive online and live session and  personal senior executive coaching.

Her style is described as intimate, personal, reflective and thought provoking making you leave the sessions with inspiration and new ideas.

Formally Accredited by IOSH

IOSH are the largest and most respected professional body for safety, health and wellbeing in the world.

We're delighted to have been among the first to gain formal accreditation for bespoke courses in such specialist subject areas as behavioural science and performance psychology and how they can be applied to improve safety performance.

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