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Behavioural Science Course for Leadership in Safety

Our IOSH Certificated behavioural science course

BSST are proud to offer the world’s only IOSH Accredited Behavioural Science for Leadership in Safety course.

We believe that the way we approach safety, health and wellbeing in our workplaces has to change. Our people deserve more than mere compliance in safety and towards a culture of care and performance excellence that everyone can be proud of.

This unique learning experience for leaders and managers across all industries highlights how the core principles of behavioural science can transform your culture, intrinsically motivate your workforce and create sustainable change. 

You can complete the fully online version our IOSH Accredited Behavioural Science for Leadership in Safety course in just 8-10 hours, and once purchased, you keep access for a whole year. 

Learn from the comfort of your own home, office or workspace. 

Take your time and complete things over a few weeks at your own pace, or complete the course – including the IOSH assessment – in one sitting. The choice is yours.

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Who’s the course for?

Our IOSH Certificated Behavioural Science for Leadership in Safety course is for senior executives, leaders, managers and supervisors in any industry or workplace. This course will help you understand the factors that influence behaviour and guide you to find practical solutions to your biggest issues in safety performance.

Start learning how you can, too, through our behavioural science course, available now by clicking below.

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6 Modules

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With 6 modules delivered over the course of 8 to 10 hours, it’s never been easier to start our IOSH Certificated behavioural science course and gain a recognised leadership qualification– just click and go.

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What to expect from our behavioural science course


Safety Leadership

You will begin the course by exploring different leadership styles, including your own. How does leadership and the way we measure performance impact on culture and behaviour? How can you start to think differently?


Avoiding Failure or Creating Excellence

We’ll be looking at more than accident causation models like swiss cheese theory and root cause analysis – because causation isn’t linear. We tend to think of things lining up in a certain way, but it’s not always like that. This module identifies new ways of thinking.


Key Drivers of Behaviour

You’ll learn about different behavioural change models to understand where human behaviour comes from and the relationship between our thoughts, feelings, actions and performance.


Behavioural science relating to safety performance

This module helps us to understand why people ‘want’ to do things and why they’re ‘proud’ to do them. We’ll look at discretionary effort and why people go the extra mile when we introduce three key steps: Purpose, Autonomy and Mastery.


ABC Analysis

We’ll examine how we can be more innovative with our A’s and realign our C’s to create much better behaviour. We’ll also be delving into how we can shift people’s mindset from ‘I have to’ – to ‘I’m proud to’.


Goal Setting

You’ll learn how to set better goals for safety to really influence people’s behaviour towards sustainable change – focusing on outcome goals or performance goals rather than lagging indicators or traditional targets that can lead to unwanted outcomes.

What our delegates say

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I believe all leaders should take the course – it’s extremely insightful.

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Fascinating, informative and enlightening. I was really pleased to discover that some of my existing leadership practices are recognised positive techniques.

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It’s so engaging that you actually want to log back in to continue learning.

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I’ve been a safety practitioner for more than 20 years and yet this course has given me an insight into new areas.

Formally Accredited by IOSH

IOSH are the largest and most respected professional body for safety, health and wellbeing in the world.

We're delighted to have been among the first to gain formal accreditation for bespoke courses in such specialist subject areas as behavioural science and performance psychology and how they can be applied to improve safety performance.

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How long do I keep access?

Each delegate will keep access to the online materials for a whole year.

How long does the course take to complete?

Most delegates take their time and complete the course in 10-12 hours spread over 2-3 weeks. Some take longer and read around the academic papers and references more thoroughly and some choose to speed through things in just 6-8 hours.

It depends on how deep you want to immerse yourself!

How much does the course cost?

Our IOSH Accredited online courses cost £325.00 per delegate. That includes all six modules, the IOSH assessment at the end of the course and your official IOSH Certificate in Behavioural Science for Leaders or Performance Psychology for Safety Professionals.

Do I need a background in behavioural science or psychology?

Our courses do not require any background in behavioural science, just a curiosity in how it can be applied to safety and health. Darren and the team have great ways to teach you everything you need to start changing the way people think about safety right from the first module!

Will the course be relevant to me?

Yes! Our courses are applicable across all industries and workplaces. Whether you’re in a high risk industry like rail, construction or manufacturing or you’re in retail, nuclear or healthcare our courses will help you and your organisation improve performance in safety and health

Can I share the course with my colleagues?

Although the online programs are intended to be completed by one delegate, we offer a variety of blended learning options.

If you’re looking to extend your learning to your whole team, we offer either live F2F or virtual sessions with our blended learning options.

Connect with us to find out how that works.