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Performance v Results

What's the difference between measuring Performance and Results? And why it is so important to focus on the NOW...

Momentary Thoughts - Self Talk

Momentary Thoughts – Self Talk Do you have a little voice in your head?

Momentary Thoughts – A Meaningful Kiss

Momentary Thoughts – A Meaningful KISS Graduates from our IOSH Certificated Online programs love this KISS Model

Momentary Thoughts – Performance v Results

Momentary Thoughts – Performance v Results In safety we often direct our attention to RESULTS and not PERFORMANCE and we believe that needs to change.

Our Corporate Train the Trainer Option

Hear about how Worcestershire County Council delivered our IOSH Accredited Behavioural Science for Leadership in Safety Program to over 100 0f their leaders and managers via out Train the Trainer Program

Some thoughts on Safety Culture

We often overcomplicate what safety culture is and become obsessed with measuring and then changing things. It doesn't have to be like that...