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Behavioural Science for Leadership in Safety Paul Young, Ashleigh Ltd Case Study

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Delegate: Paul Young, CMIOSH MIIA

Role and Company: HSE Manager, Ashleigh (Scotland) Ltd

Course: Behavioural Science for Leadership in Safety

Paul booked himself onto Behavioural Science. He’s said lots of nice things about our online programme. You can read more here.

"ABC Analysis was a real eye opener for me – and very well explained by Darren. Accident Investigation was also really interesting – Darren stripped this subject back to the bare bones by looking at the actual sequence of events. With Behavioural Science, Darren is coaching you to take a different approach, to think very differently. So why did this event actually happen? What were the behaviours leading up to it? How do you normalise good behaviours? The answers are all in there.

A lot of the online content would benefit business leaders – so, I’ve invited Darren to do a presentation next year to the Ayrshire Safety Group.

It’s the most thought-provoking course I’ve ever done. It’s presented brilliantly and has loads of engagement. It’s very-very different. Some online courses are very disengaging, and you can actually find yourself losing interest very quickly, but there’s no chance of that with this one. It suited me to a Tee".