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Behavioural Science for Leadership in Safety Dan Wilkins, QinetiQ Case Study

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Delegate: Dan Wilkins
Role and Company: Group Safety Management Information Lead, QinetiQ

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Dan studied for our online Behavioural Science programme. Some of his colleagues are now studying for it too.


"This course was always on our radar because it was suitably aligned to our business model. Right now, we have a team of twelve working their way through it – not only at leadership level, but at senior and mid-level management too.

For me personally, the modules around goal setting, ABC analysis and avoiding failure and creating excellence have helped me no end with the work I’m doing – especially around setting and delivering our KPIs – and even bigger goals. The programme has given me the know-how and confidence to be able to do that.

You could plough through the online modules in 10 to 12 hours – there are six of them. But I chose to slow things down and really digest the content because I wanted to do the extra reading and thoroughly complete my journal. In fact, I went over the goal setting module twice – with this programme you can keep logging back in to refresh your knowledge.

Behavioural Science is helping us to build rapport with different stakeholders, to make better strategic decisions, to enrich our leadership skills and to navigate the turbulent channels of reorganisation. We’re tapping into the different elements of the programme at different times and applying them to our business. We’re actually putting into practice what we’ve learned and it’s making a very real difference.

We also share some of the topics in an open forum with our teams which is helping them to develop their professional goals. We’re engaging each other with business related questions in a relaxed conversational setting.

If you want to develop your performance, regardless of what stage you’re at in your career – and you’re looking for a much deeper insight into how to achieve it, then Behavioural Science is for you. Everyone should do it. This isn’t your typical online programme – this is engaging, thought-provoking and it’s been designed and developed into manageable chunks, with Darren guiding you through each module. The supplementary reading material is fantastic and will help you to understand behavioural based safety – and how to apply it in a working environment.

If you’re looking for the next step up, then this is the springboard you need. Thoroughly enjoyable ‘like a book you can’t put down".

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