2 thoughts on “Who has the most effective leadership style to save lives?”

  1. Hi Jackie,

    Thank you for your response, these three characters and their respective leadership styles always spark a healthy debate on our courses about the Pros and Cons of each. However, the outcome of the debate usually identifies the dangers of the Sir Alex, no nonsense approach as it relies on “the boss” being there all the time and constanstly checking on the behaviour of the staff which is not always possible and can lead to resentment and things being driven underground!

    Martin relied on good old common sense with seemingly high quality individuals and we all know what happened there. Whereas Sir Clive encouraged people to have ownership of each problem and come to sensible and agreed solutions as a collective group whilst also maintaining a level of control. That usually leads to people actually wanting to obey the rule rather than just feeling as if they have to.

    The same principles can be applied to safety and Risk Assessment in particular.

    Thank you again for your response.

  2. Robert Paterson

    Hi Darren

    Having being placed in this situation many times as a manager in the fire service. I would say that managing people in the workplace I.e the fire station for example, then 5 minutes later managing the same people at an incident where lives need saving requires a different style of management. You may have to go from a democratic style to autocratic in an instant. A good team leader should be able to adapt quickly and calmly and his team will understand that when lives are at risk snappy decisions will be made. There is also the problem of controlling self deployers! Rescuers who mean well but get tunnel vision and don’t appreciate the bigger picture or the hazards and the risks associated.

    Unless you have been in these situations it may be difficult to understand the responsibilities and the pressure on the head of the officer in charge. It is immense but strangely fulfilling!

    Good luck


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