The “Special One” and our Emotional Needs!

I’ve recently just watched a fascinating documentary about the “Special One” that is Jose Mourinho and how he manages to generate a unique atmosphere at the Clubs he has managed. He has enjoyed remarkable success in Portugal, England, Italy and Spain too by creating a new Culture very quickly within his working environment. Just how does he do that? And what can we learn from him that would be useful in business and even in generating a new Safety Culture in our workplace!

Understanding Safety Culture

Well, we need to first understand that almost everything that we do, especially how people behave or perform in any workplace is driven from their 6 key Emotional Needs. Once we know that, we can then better understand why they do things (or don’t do things) and then much more importantly, what can we do to change that!

The "Special One" and our Emotional Needs!

Jose is an absolute Master at this. He understands that all his players (and everyone else at the Club) needs to be made to feel that they are SIGNIFICANT in some way. He then very cleverly forms key CONNECTIONS and ensures that they also create new and meaningful connections with others within their own personal sphere of influence. Once he has established that, the next thing is to present to them a degree of CERTAINTY, he is a winner and as such, they too will win things. But also an element of UNCERTAINTY, what an earth will he do next! Will I be one of his Special Ones or not?

Then, the BIG two emotional needs. He needs to convince them that every little thing that they do is CONTRIBUTING to the greater good or GROWTH both as an individual but also as a team. That’s exactly how he creates a new Culture so quickly. Once you add the layer of impacting on Attitudes and then soak into Values and Beliefs too then we are almost there. All we need now is a heady mix of Sub-Conscious triggers and he has totally changed how every player feels when they pull on his shirt! Some of you will already be able to see and feel how exactly the same principles can be applied to generating a new Safety Culture. However, I’d be very happy to show you how I do it in some fantastic organisations.

6 thoughts on “The “Special One” and our Emotional Needs!”

  1. Thought provoking article Darren -great way to engage people with an updated view of H&S.
    ps. love the fresh look of the new site.

  2. Darren you mentioned this on the course we had last week at Gowerton Rd. Good example of putting the 6 key emotional needs into action. Great Course, really enjoyed the content. Thanks.

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