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A Success Story – Mitch Paris

A Success Story – Mitch Paris When Tracey met Mitch Mitch completed our IOSH Certificated Performance Psychology for Safety Program in April 2021. He agreed to share his experience of the program with us. Mitch ParisGrad IOSH – Health, Safety,…

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Why people take our courses

Why people take our IOSH Certificated online courses Or – When Tracey met Lyn…. Lyn has taken both of our IOSH Certificated Behavioural Science and Performance Psychology Online Programs. She volunteered to share her experiences and told us why she…

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Graduates of the Month – January 2021

Performance Excellence in Safety, Health and Wellbeing Hear the stories taken from the Reflective Journals of our two delegates of the month for January 2021 – Mark Fisher & Dawn Maclean Initially GFSL were looking for a training course for…

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Our Money or Your Life?

Our Money or Your Life? Have you ever offered someone extra money to do something for you?  I’m not talking about paying them for work they’ve done or are about to do but offered them a bit extra to give…

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High Hopes for Performance

High Hopes for Performance Science has identified (Orlick & Partington, Collins & MacNamara) the key psychological characteristics or mental skills required for developing excellence in individuals, teams and organisations across different performance domains. We received this excellent review of how…

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