Our Approach

We have developed a unique set of tried and tested tools and techniques that are incredibly successful in influencing behaviours in sales, quality control, motivation, therapy, sport and in other areas of business that can be applied equally effectively to safety performance.

We encompass the theories of NLP, CBT and Transactional Analysis that dovetail very well with more traditional behavioural safety theories such as ABC Analysis and the Swiss Cheese Model.

We aim to move your Organisation away from mere Compliance and towards a a Culture that will encourage your people to actually WANT to do the right thing rather than feeling that they HAVE to.  Our Behavioural Safety Courses have been  successfully applied in some of the the biggest companies in the UK and USA, see the impact it has made for some of our clients at the Our Clients page.

Our close support approach is what sets us apart from many consultancies, each consultant is assigned to only two Projects at a time to enable them to develop a meaningful working relationship over a period of time.  We fully understand that every organisation is different and has unique requirements which is why we offer a personalised service to every client to ensure that your needs are thoroughly understood and met.

We consistently deliver imaginative and realistic programmes that is relevant to your people and their activities using modern, thought provoking  techniques that inspires real behavioural change.  No matter how far you might be on your safety culture journey, we must first of all start at looking at how we can start to change people’s attitudes and then their VALUEs and BELIEFs will follow.

Let us show you how we can make the same attitudinal shift in your organisation.