High Performance

Lasting change through human performance.

Why it works.

We have partnered with some of the UK’s most successful organisations to achieve sustainable safety excellence. We believe that principles of behavior change and elite performance enhancement can be applied to any field.

How we do it.

We build close support relationships with our clients by embedding the learning process throughout your organisation via meaningful training, mentoring and coaching. Our desire is to ensure improvement that is immediate and sustainable.

What we are. 

We are a collaborative team, sharing our ideas, knowledge and experience. We are investors, change makers, and forward thinkers spreading our impact to a variety of disciplines.We want to  include you in this journey.

Our Services

Training u0026amp; Workshops

zach1We offer comprehensive workshops designed to help your organization succeed. Our workshops create lasting change by targeting root causes instead of simply addressing symptoms. Our areas of focus range from Behavioural Change, Talent Development, Team Cohesion and Conflict Management. We also create custom courses designed to help you reach your full potential.


zach2Not sure what you need yet, but know that something is missing? Our consulting services begin with a comprehensive needs analysis, formulating a picture of what you might need. From there we develop interventions that fit you, instead of trying to fit you into one of our programs. Custom interventions are always the most beneficial. Throughout the process there will be very little hand holding; we want to empower you to create lasting change.



Coaching is an amazing way to map your journey to future and immediate success, and we want to be part of your journey. Our individual coaching bring your needs and desires for growth to the forefront with a strong focus on goal-setting, realistic appraisal of your environment, and stimulating powerful questioning.


High Performance Consultant

Zach wahigh performance consultant s born and bred on hard work and character development, in the rustic Rocky Mountains. His motto is “better people make better performers”. His background is in psychology, military special ops, and sports, specifically tennis and distance running. His passion for enhancing people’s performance was developed after reading “The Inner Game of Tennis” by Timothy Gallwey, he has since been on a mission to help people unlock their true potential. His time in the MSc Performance Psychology program has given him an opportunity to hone his skills and  develop new perspectives.

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