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The first of our Delegates of the Month for the Summer of 2022

Kiashlin Naidoo

Quality and Regulatory Affairs Specialist at bioMérieux

This is Kiashlin Naidoo from bioMérieux – he’s based in South Africa. He took our online Performance Psychology programme earlier this year, along with some of his global colleagues. This is what he had to say.  

“This programme is about planning for performance – it’s helped me to plan for my own performance; and continuously improve myself. Safety isn’t the primary focus here, it’s about people – how do we get the best out of ourselves and others, inside and outside of work and how can we use this in a safety setting.

I’ve had a total mindset change. Now, instead of focusing on what’s gone wrong, the focus is on what’s gone right – and doing more of it. I’m applying what I’ve learnt to my work in sales and quality and just getting the best out of myself and others. I’m planning how to get the best out of ‘me’ around setting realistic goals; critically analysing myself and the commitments I’m going to make. I remember Darren saying that feedback is valuable, but critical feedback is invaluable.

The title of the programme focuses on safety and health professionals – but I’d say it’s massively beneficial for leaders and managers because it gives an insight into emotional intelligence (EI). Darren really draws out the meaning behind EI and how to actually apply it to safety, leadership and culture to drive strategy. I incorporate the Swiss Cheese method a lot too – Darren did a great job of explaining it.

What would I say to someone thinking about doing the course?…


And then do it again. Have an open mind. It is so applicable to life and dealing with different people and personalities. The content is centred around you – it’s about becoming a better performer, so that you can support others to become better performers too.

The structure of the programme is very well put together with a conversational slant throughout. Darren explains the content with some brilliant storytelling, which makes a world of difference and really helps to absorb and maintain the learning.

Go for it!

Graeme Clarke MSc, CMIOSH

EMEA HSSE Lead at JLL Work Dynamics – Driving HSSE Excellence, internationally, in a fast-paced industry.​

Graeme is our Graduate of the Month for June 2022 after achieving the top grade in his final exam whilst taking our IOSH Approved Behavioural Science for Leadership in Safety Online Program.

Graeme told us that he found the course really insightful and thought provoking.

In his KISS Statement Graeme reflected on the importance of setting meaningful Outcome Goals and communicating our Intent effectively.

He has also noticed how useful it is to identify and reinforce all the great things that his organisation already does to improve safety performance and to focus on the critical things that are within our control.

He really enjoyed this course and it has inspired lots of new ideas for both himself and his safety team. 

Graeme has now enrolled more of his colleagues from JLL to take this program.

Linda Barrett BSc (Hons)

Partner Development Director, BSST

Linda selects our graduates of the month by analysing the results of each delegate’s tests as they progress through the course. The winners are selected based on their final test result and their personal KISS Statements contained within their Reflective Journals.

What’s the prize?

Well, in the spirit of SDT and the power of autonomy, we give the winner a choice of either a FREE online course for themselves (worth £325), nominating a friend or colleague for a FREE online course with us or FREE access to one of our future online courses that are currently in development.


HSE Manager – Ashleigh Scotland Ltd​

This is what Paul had to say about our Behavioural Science course. 

“I would just like to say that the course was FANTASTIC. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. Great content that was engaging and thought provoking. 

I really can’t wait to put what I have learned into practice and sharing my knowledge with others. Thank you so much.

ABC Analysis and Module 5 brought things together very well.

This is a new concept to me and I would love to explore it more.  It’s such a simple method and it makes perfect sense. I am currently going to keep up my high level of engagement with the workforce as this will give me the foundations to employ all the skills that I have learned”.

John McNab

Policy and Performance Manager – Rushmoor Borough Council

John has now completed both our Behavioural Science and Performance Psychology Programs. He told us…

“I’ve found both the Behavioural Safety and Performance Psychology programs offered by BSST to be a great learning experience.  I’m an experienced manager but the content and style of both programmes were easily accessible and very valuable in improving my knowledge, motivation and skills, particularly the softer skills that are increasingly appropriate to OSH practice.

The bite-sized videos and tools provided lots of practical advice and techniques for me to use and I can come back to them easily at any time. 

Being centred on safety, behaviour and performance, both these programs offer something different, something beyond the traditional OSH management and training approach.

I’d thoroughly recommend both these programs to other managers and practitioners”.

Samantha Withers MSc, CMIOSH

MSc, CQP MCQI, TECH IOSH, HSEQ Manager UK North – Element Materials Technology

Sam is our Graduate of the month for June 2022 after achieving a remarkable 100 % grade in her final exam whilst taking our IOSH Approved Performance Psychology for Safety Professionals Online Program.

Sam has also previously completed our Behavioural Science for Leadership in Safety program.

We especially loved her Reflective Journal and KISS Statements that she maintained whilst progressing through the program.

Samantha has a good insight to both our IOSH Accredited Programs. Here’s what she had to say…

“I have really enjoyed both courses and I am excited to start rolling it out in our organisation”.

“I personally got a lot out of Performance Psychology course and it made me think a lot.  Thank you.

The Behavioural Science Program is I think best when done together with your team, you need a critical mass of people to make it most effective.

The Performance Psychology I think you can do on your own and is a much more personal course. Since completing the courses I find I look at situations and things differently.

I try to always consider what are the pre cursors to a situation were.  This really helps me not to be biased or form opinions before looking into a situation properly.

I think the courses are a great personal development tool as well as being of benefit to an organisation. Helps make you more emotionally aware. I loved that you can work at your own pace and the course remembers where you are so you don’t have to repeat anything unless you want to. I love that I still have access to be able to go and check my understanding when I need to.

I would definitely recommend this approach to safety in any organisation”.

Sam chose a work colleague to receive her prize of FREE access to our IOSH Certificated Behavioural Science for Leadership in Safety Online Program.

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