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Performance Psychology
for Safety and Health Professionals

Ever wondered how elite performers and their organisations achieve sustainable excellence?  Discover their secrets and how they can be applied to all areas of safety in this fully IOSH Certificated Program.

Increasingly, high-level performance relies on an understanding of the psychology of excellence, not only in sport but in areas as diverse as the performing arts, the military and emergency services.  This program will help you apply precisely the same principles for elite performance in safety & health.

Drawing on current research and practice, this fascinating programme introduces you to the issues that relate to both individual and group performance.

Striking a balance between psychological methods and the wider professional skills needed to apply them, this course will give you the knowledge and tools you’ll need to develop yourself and inspire others to sustainable excellence in safety performance


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Inspire People

Learn how to inspire people with intrinsic motivators for sustainable change

Self Talk

Understand the internal dialogue that drives behaviour and performance in your workplace

Training Skills

Develop training and coaching skills like the world's best leaders and coaches


Understand the key principles of performance excellence that will enable you and your team to thrive in the most challenging situations.