Better Behavioural Safety?

How can we influence behaviour at work to maximise safety performance?  Professor Andrew Sharman reveals that the answer lies in taking a broader view, listening to great leaders such as Nelson Mandela (Madiba), and learning from sporting greats like Andreas Iniesta, Steph Curry and Jonny Wilkinson. Behavioural Safety is a critical component of success for … Read moreBetter Behavioural Safety?

The “Scared Straight” myth and what we should understand for Behavioural Change in Safety

Back in the late seventies and early eighties teenage crime in the USA was starting to become a real concern.  A famous (or now infamous) campaign was initiated to Scare Straight the teenagers who were considered the most likely to follow a life of crime.  They were taken in small groups to the most notorious … Read moreThe “Scared Straight” myth and what we should understand for Behavioural Change in Safety

Residual Impact of Training

Why Training is a Large Part of Professional Development Training is one way workplace skills are built and new competencies create new opportunities. Many training programs start with a list of goals or learning outcomes; everything you should know when you finish the training. Depending on the way you learn, you might take notes, ask questions, … Read moreResidual Impact of Training

How To Capture Knowledge

Creating systems can help you save some of your most important knowledge. Recently I was told a story about a department head at a university who suddenly passed away. She didn’t leave her predecessor any notes or slides. With her died a wealth of knowledge that will never be recovered. This challenge is common. Instead … Read moreHow To Capture Knowledge

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