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Performance Psychology for Safety and Health Professionals Samantha Withers, Element Material Technology Case Study

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Delegate: Samantha Withers MSc, CMIOSH

Role and Company: HSEQ Manager UK North, Element Materials Technology

Course: Performance Psychology for Safety and Health Professionals

Sam achieved 100% in her final assessment for Performance Psychology. She’s one of our past graduates of the month. Well done, Sam.

“Performance Psychology made me think – a lot. Since completing the programme, I look at situations and things differently. I try to always consider what were the pre-cursors to a situation. This really helps me to not be biased or form opinions before looking into a situation properly. It’s a great personal development tool – as well as being of benefit to an organisation. You become more emotionally aware.

I loved that you could work at your own pace and that the course remembers where you are, so you don’t have to repeat anything, unless you want to. I also love that I still have access to the programme to be able to go and check my understanding when I need to.

I would definitely recommend this approach to safety in any organisation”.