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Performance Psychology for Safety and Health Professionals Kiashlin Naidoo, bioMérieux Case Study

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Delegate: Kiashlin Naidoo
Role and Company: Quality and Regulatory Affairs Specialist, bioMérieux

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Kiashlin Naidoo is based in South Africa. He took our online Performance Psychology programme earlier this year, along with some of his global colleagues. This is what he had to say. 


“This programme is about planning for performance – it’s helped me to plan for my own performance; and continuously improve myself. Safety isn’t the primary focus here, it’s about people – how do we get the best out of ourselves and others, inside and outside of work and how can we use this in a safety setting.

I’ve had a total mindset change. Now, instead of focusing on what’s gone wrong, the focus is on what’s gone right – and doing more of it. I’m applying what I’ve learnt to my work in sales and quality and just getting the best out of myself and others. I’m planning how to get the best out of ‘me’ around setting realistic goals; critically analysing myself and the commitments I’m going to make. I remember Darren saying that feedback is valuable, but critical feedback is invaluable.

The title of the programme focuses on safety and health professionals – but I’d say it’s massively beneficial for leaders and managers because it gives an insight into emotional intelligence (EI). Darren really draws out the meaning behind EI and how to actually apply it to safety, leadership and culture to drive strategy. I incorporate the Swiss Cheese method a lot too – Darren did a great job of explaining it.

What would I say to someone thinking about doing the course?…


And then do it again. Have an open mind. It is so applicable to life and dealing with different people and personalities. The content is centred around you – it’s about becoming a better performer, so that you can support others to become better performers too.

The structure of the programme is very well put together with a conversational slant throughout. Darren explains the content with some brilliant storytelling, which makes a world of difference and really helps to absorb and maintain the learning.

Go for it!"

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