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Performance Psychology for Safety and Health Professionals Jules Fleckney Jones, Nottinghamshire NHS Trust Case Study

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Delegate: Jules Fleckney Jones

Role and Company: Health and Safety Advisor, Nottinghamshire NHS Trust

Course: Performance Psychology for Safety and Health Professionals

Jules took our online Performance Psychology programme. Here, she talks about what she’s learned, and how she’s applying it to her advisor role and to life outside of work.

"Performance Psychology for Safety and Health Professionals was offered to me and my colleagues by our employer. I leapt at the chance because I’m genuinely fascinated by the impact of performance and behaviours – my own and others. The programme was so interesting.

As a result of doing it, I’ve changed my style of communication and the way I engage with people – I now try and adopt a much more empowering style. What I’ve learned is that how I think, feel and behave not only impacts me, but everyone around me. Performance Psychology is empowering – it’s been especially helpful in understanding what influences us all to perform better, it’s given me a real insight into the subject which I can apply at work and at home and it’s supported me in making more considered decisions.

On a personal level, it’s played a very real part in helping me to understand myself and others – and supported my own journey of overcoming anxiety and depression. Module four was great as Darren talks about strategies that can help us to cope with pressure and challenging situations – as well as turning fear into excitement by reframing the way we talk to ourselves.

This programme is well worth doing. You can plough through it or take your time – you’re in control. I love learning and with Performance Psychology, I’ve learned an awful lot".