Behavioural Safety

Why I needed that Coffee, but Swiss Cheese too!

A kind of funny thing happened to me this morning, well it then turned to a bit of mild frustration too I guess!¬† It was one of those mornings when I really needed a good coffee, you know that kind of feeling.¬† But the jar was bare, no emergency supplies either so I had to…

High Performance

Corporate Genotyping – DNA Matters

Parallels between the world of Business and Sport are often drawn and lessons learned on the field are often highly relevant when you are working in the field. This should not come as any surprise, it is a widely held belief that sport is an ideal arena to enhance the values of leadership, determination, focus,…

Behavioural Safety

Residual Impact of Training

Why Training is a Large Part of Professional Development Training¬†is one way workplace skills are built and new competencies create new opportunities. Many training programs start with a list of goals or learning outcomes; everything you should know when you finish the training. Depending on the way you learn, you might take notes, ask questions,…

Behavioural Safety

How To Capture Knowledge

Creating systems can help you save some of your most important knowledge. Recently I was told a story about a department head at a university who suddenly passed away. She didn’t leave her predecessor any notes or slides. With her died a wealth of knowledge that will never be recovered. This challenge is common. Instead…

Behavioural Safety

The wise Professor looks after his Golf Balls!

Some good lessons to be applied to safety here too everyone! A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him. When the class began, he wordlessly picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students if…

Behavioural Safety

Old habits die hard – the big challenge for safety?

In safety today, particularly in UK and the companies that I am lucky enough to work with, our Systems and Procedures are pretty much¬†water¬†tight. ¬†The Antecedents as Cooper calls them (HSG 48, 1999) are all there to influence our people to do what they should do to stay¬†safe. ¬†However, human behaviour is not quite as…

Behavioural Safety

The Power of Why

I love this particular TED talk. Find out what it has to do with Behavioural Safety on our STAYSAFE Leadership Programme! How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Behavioural Safety

2012 – Our Greatest Sporting Year

The fabulous BBC review of what has been an outstanding sporting year has reminded me that in business and especially in safety, we can apply many of the same principles that are used so effectively in sport to improve performance. ¬†Let’s look at some of the key themes of the night.¬† Everybody from Bradley Wiggins…