Behavioural Safety Training

behavioural safety trainingBehavioural Safety is all about focussing in on actual behaviours in your workplace. Giving your leaders and managers at all levels an understanding of WHY people do what they do is the first step. We can then start to apply some proven principles of Behavioural Science to help them understand how to change any critical behaviours in the workforce.

We offer an in-house behavioural safety training course, which is fully IOSH Accredited at a cost-effective daily rate with no hidden charges for travel or accommodation anywhere in UK. All delegates receive a workbook and all the slides and materials to enable you to carry out mini presentations or toolbox talks to help the learning process stick and create meaningful and sustainable behavioural change.

By bringing safety to the front of your employees mind, many businesses have seen reductions in injuries at work by as much as 35% which is sustainable. This leads to a better working environment, higher productivity and reduced likelihood of criminal prosecution and civil liability.

What does a Behavioural Safety Training Course look like?

Learning Outcomes

Our Behavioural Safety Training course is aimed at enabling delegates to understand safety culture and how it can be improved & sustained alongside other company management systems. By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • A clear understanding of how behaviours and the nature of human error contribute to accidents in the workplace
  • An understanding of how habits are formed and can be changed just as easily as they are formed.
  • The ability to understand the principles of effective behavioural psychology and the tools required to create a safety culture

Our behavioural safety training course also introduces delegates to key tools and techniques that can be adopted to influence the behaviour of their workforce with a view to developing a positive safety culture.

The course will highlight:

  • The principles of leadership
  • CBT, NLP, ABC Analysis
  • Swiss Cheese Theory
  • Proven behavioural psychology techniques

Though the course follows a set format, the content is designed to be highly interactive and encourages delegates to share their real life experiences of how leaders from their past have been very effective in influencing behaviour.

What our clients say

The behavioural safety course has been very well received in several FTSE100 organisations.

“This programme has helped change the way many of our Senior people think, not just about Safety, but about leadership, culture and behaviour in general. Understanding and influencing human behaviour is essential to developing and maintaining a Safety Culture and this is Darren’s expertise. He can engage with Directors at the most senior level and has proven to be a powerful catalyst in support of our Stay Safe journey” – Mike O’Hara – Group Head of Health & Safety, Travis Perkins plc

“Darren delivered this behavioural safety training course to groups of our senior managers and team leaders in 2011 with excellent feedback. His presentation style and subject knowledge enhanced the learning experience for all of our attendees.” – Julie Fallon – Head of Learning and Development, BAE Systems

Ready to bring Behavioural Safety to your Business?

Our upcoming behavioural safety training events are available on our IOSH Courses page. Just find a location and time and make your booking via Eventbrite.