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Specialist Behavioural Safety Consultancy

Our Specialist Behavioural Safety Consultancy

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We would much rather teach people the powerful theories and tools to enable you to apply them over and over again when the need arises not just for safety but in many other areas of business.  However, some companies prefer us to come and take a good look at any critical behaviours that they may have and then give practical and achievable recommendations to put measures in place to change them.

Our Behavioural Safety Consultants charge a realistic daily rate for this valuable service and we would normally expect to be on-site with access to all your relevant people for between 1-3 days with a full report and recommendations being left with you before we leave.

We’d be delighted to discuss  how we can help create long lasting behavioural change programmes for your people either over a telephone conversation or during a free of charge, no obligation visit to any of your sites where we can gather an initial understanding of any potentially critical behaviours and advise you of how we would approach things.

If you think that you would benefit from our specialist behavioural safety consultancy get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

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